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Mockingjay (Hunger Games Book 3) by Suzanne Collins Review

In this last installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, Collins seems to have run out of steam. Perhaps it’s because I read the three novels in quick succession, but Mockingjay seems to lack cohesion.

I thought The Hunger Games was a good start to the series, and Catching Fire improved on what the first book lacked, but I have to admit Mockingjay is a bit of  a disappointment. Rumor has it, Collins was busy churning out the script for the first film while finishing up Mockingjay, so I supposed the rushed nature of the writing and plotting in this book was to be expected.

Still, there is plenty to talk about regarding the final book, though more plot translates to more plot holes.

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The Hunger Games Book Beginnings (First Thoughts)

Book Beginnings is a fun little series hosted on A Few More Pages. Bloggers post the first sentence (or two) of whatever book they happen to be reading, and their thoughts. It’s an intriguing look at the impact a cold beginning can have. Here‘s the link to the post for Friday, April 29.

I’m reading a few books right now, but I decided to post on The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins (not my usual genre, I know). I know my full review already went up, but I thought it’d be fun to share my first thoughts as well, so you can see how they differed (or not).

“When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Prim’s warmth but finding only the rough canvas cover of the mattress.”

Dreary, eh? It gets worse, especially in the beginning of the book.
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