The Hunger Games Book Beginnings (First Thoughts)

Book Beginnings is a fun little series hosted on A Few More Pages. Bloggers post the first sentence (or two) of whatever book they happen to be reading, and their thoughts. It’s an intriguing look at the impact a cold beginning can have. Here‘s the link to the post for Friday, April 29.

I’m reading a few books right now, but I decided to post on The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins (not my usual genre, I know). I know my full review already went up, but I thought it’d be fun to share my first thoughts as well, so you can see how they differed (or not).

“When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Prim’s warmth but finding only the rough canvas cover of the mattress.”

Dreary, eh? It gets worse, especially in the beginning of the book.

This book is certainly not a light read, in terms of emotions, though it is YA-level, comprehension-wise.

From my previous review: “The Mockingjay series by Suzanne Collins has taken the Young Adult literature world by storm. The film rights were sold before the book appeared in stores, so you can guess the impact this series has had on the YA audience.

The series features a strong female protagonist in Katniss Everdeen, which is admittedly a terrible name. Hearing about this book’s success enthused me; the main character is the polar opposite of Bella in Twilight. I’m not quite the target audience for any of these books or movies, but I appreciate the younger generation having the option of following an intelligent, plucky heroine instead of a faceless girl who relies solely on male figures.”

I’ve only read the first 102 pages so far, but it’s been an enjoyable read. The world-building hasn’t been nearly as detailed as Rowling’s in the Harry Potter series. However, what details Collins gives are effective, and the somewhat flat, low-emotion, style she affects suits the plot and protagonist perfectly. Collins also seems to spend a lot of time describing food, in minute, almost salivating, detail.

In this science fiction dystopia, the one thing I’m really a fan of is the automatic hair detangler. Marvelous invention.

Previously, I’ve reviewed The Hunger Games (the first book), Catching Fire (the second book), and Mockingjay (the final book).


4 responses to “The Hunger Games Book Beginnings (First Thoughts)

  1. I adored the Mockinjay-series, and particularly the first book. It’s always a relief when a book(series) turn out to be as good as they hype promises 😉

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