Nikita “Betrayals” S1 E21 Review + Recap

Two words for “Betrayal”: Game. Changer.

This show needs to get picked up stat. Though the series had a slow start, Nikita has ramped up the action, while also improving on writing. Plotting is still sometimes inconsistent, but if you’re asking for popcorn thrills, the show definitely delivers.

Last week’s episode left Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) in jeopardy, exposed a Nikita’s mole. This episode advances many series arcs while also completely overturning many prior revelations. It’s a doozy.

Amanda (Melinda Clarke)has finished the interrogation she began at the close of last week’s “Glass Houses.” She hands Alex over to Percy (Xander Berkeley), more than a little reluctantly. Wonderful dry delivery of Amanda’s lines this episode. The distrust and tension between Amanda and Percy seems to be finally coming to a head, as Percy pointedly excludes Amanda from his interrogation of Alex.

It’s this interrogation that changes the rules of Nikita. Percy reveals that he has known of Michael’s defection for a long time. I cheered when Percy mentioned traffic cameras in London. One of my qualms with this show has been that Division somehow couldn’t catch a glimpse of Nikita, even though they can hack into any security camera in the world. Now, if only the show would address why there are no cameras or microphones in the Division HQ….

Back on point, Percy also informs Alex that Nikita (Maggie Q) has been hiding information from her. Specifically, Nikita hid from Alex that she had a “kill chip” installed inside her brain. Oh and also, Nikita killed Alex’s father. This wasn’t really a game changer. It was, for the show’s universe, but its predictability rendered this “secret” unimportant. Was there really anyone watching the first episode who didn’t already know Nikita killed Alex’s parent/s?

Michael (Shane West) walks into a trap. Percy orders him to kill Alex. Michael picks up the gun and—surprise—attempts to shoot Percy. Again, another “shocker” that probably didn’t shock anyone. Percy, with his newly discovered clairvoyance, had predicted Michael would fail this loyalty test and had rigged the trigger. So, Michael is taken. Alex is given a choice—die or betray Nikita.

There was also a side plot where Nikita actively worked on a mission to deliver a black box into the hands of the CIA. We  get another glimpse of Ryan Fletcher, so I guess he didn’t just stop existing once Michael and Nikita finally hit it off together.

There’s also a nice guest starring role for Mad Men’s Rich Sommer. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to interact with Aaron Stanford, who also guested as the spoiled jai-alai schiller on Mad Men. It was interesting contrasting Sommer’s subtle style with the dramatic soap opera acting of Nikita.

We close with a shocking scene: Alex shoots Nikita. Now, obviously, Nikita isn’t dead, no matter what the promos for next week say. Sure, the show hasn’t been renewed yet, but I’m sure the writers weren’t so pessimistic as to kill off their eponymous character. Next week’s season (series?) finale promises to be a good one.

Side notes:
-Dear Nikita writers, “terminate with extreme prejudice” doesn’t mean what you think it means.
-The makeup on Maggie Q was stellar this week. Loved the heavily rimmed eyes. However, in HD, Maggie Q’s face was about four times darker than her neck. Careful with that bronzer, guys.
-I liked Birkhoff calling the black box “one of Percy’s horcruxes.” Exactly what I (and others) have been saying all along.
-What do you guys think about “Oversight?” Hope we learn more next week.

Here’s a spoiler-y clip from next week’s episode, to whet your appetites.


3 responses to “Nikita “Betrayals” S1 E21 Review + Recap

  1. Hi media consomme. I never watched Nikita. You made it sound intriguing. I’ll pencil it in on my schedule, Janet

    • Thanks, Janet! It’s not a perfect show by any means, but I do think it’s a fun, exciting action show. Plus, I’ll always support the inclusion of more female action roles on TV!

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