Weeds “From Trauma Cometh Something” S7 E2 Review + Recap

While the season premiere of Weeds was somewhat disjointed, this episode at least followed a coherent narrative. Last episode felt like backstory, while this episode feels like a series of set-ups for next episode.

We see the family return to New York. This involves Silas (Hunter Parrish) setting up a meeting with a modeling agent, who is cliché annoying, and confusingly interested in Silas (as a client?). Doug (Kevin Nealon) meets up with an old friend, who promises to introduce him back into corporate circles. Shane (Alexander Gould) and Andy (Justin Kirk) wait for Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) at the halfway house, while discussing how much she could have changed, with the help of an informational video.

Nancy, herself, has the biggest role this episode, and it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Nancy bends the rules again, relying on her smile to get extra time outside. While she fails an interview, she does manage to complete the first step to selling her suitcase of illegal weapons. Of course, this entails meeting up with her former cellmate’s brother, who just so happens to be an attractive, age-appropriate man with no romantic entanglements. Next week’s preview shows the two getting closer. Not too surprising, given Nancy’s usual M.O.

Also not surprising is Nancy’s decision to sell the weapons for weed, so she can start dealing again. After smoking a bit at her new friend’s apartment, she returns to the halfway house, finally ready to meet her family. Unfortunately, she is visibly high and the warden takes her in for drug testing.

It seems like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the halfway house inhabitants, including Nancy’s roommate, who shows interest in Andy. The warden (if that’s the proper term) is an interesting character, but his penchant for rhymes is grating and less than amusing. His prison past makes him an intriguing add into the cast list.

When Nancy starts dealing—and it seems all but certain that she will start dealing—all the different elements will have to come together to form a smooth storyline. I don’t have high hopes for the show, but it’s still usually an enjoyable half hour. Let’s hope it stays this way this (final?) season.


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