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The Raah Project – Dawn In The Night

You may have noticed the distinct lack of one form of prevalent media in my reviews.

My writing background has mostly been in arts and entertainment, and in that beat, I usually focus on music. I love music, but really, who doesn’t?

I never meant to ignore the glories of the musical form, but I find that I no longer have the time or impetus to see as many shows as I used to, or listen to as many albums in full. However, as always, I am full of opinions (bursting!), and the best and worst part of keeping in the know with music is the fast turnover rate. A band is unknown one day, hot the second, disbanded or forgotten by the next.

Long story short, this post will be the start of many. I will post and (briefly) discuss songs that I’m enjoying, or songs I find intriguing. Possibly songs I detest. Who knows.

First one follows after the jump.

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