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Archer “Double Trouble” S2 E13 Review

I am so sad this is the Archer season finale.

Not because the episode didn’t live up to my admittedly high expectations. No, the ep was good, but now we’ll have to go an entire summer without weekly doses of Sterling, Mallory, and co. (And there won’t even be Mad Men this summer! 2011, the Summer of Sadness.)

The last episode ended on a cliffhanger of sorts. Sterling Archer was cornered in an elevator, with KGB agents set to execute, when a stunning blonde in an impractical suit appeared and shot them down, saving our golden boy. In this episode, we see the aftermath.

We open with a steamy scene between Archer and Katya, the Russian blonde. True to form, Adam Reed throws a curveball as the scene ends abruptly, with Mallory walking in on the couple…in her office. Why would Archer choose to have sex in his mother’s office?

More importantly, how long can we drag out the oddly close relationship b/t mother and son? Hopefully at least a few more seasons. Continue reading