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Beautiful Lies (De Vrais Mensoges) Mini Review

Ah, love. There’s nothing else the French are more known for, especially in cinema. De Vrais Mensoges (Beautiful Lies for North America) is a cute romantic comedy, starring Audrey Tautou and Sami Bouajila.

The movie itself isn’t particularly clever or insightful, but romantic comedies don’t need to be. Tatou plays Émilie, a streetwise salon owner, who receives a note from a secret admirer. Unbeknownst to Émilie, that admirer is none other than the salon’s janitor, Jean (Bouajila), who also has a few surprises up his sleeve. Continue reading


COLCOA Film Festival Review

This year was my third year enjoying the fruits of the COLCOA Film Festival. That’s City of Lights – City of Angels, i.e., Paris – Los Angeles.

COLCOA is an annual French film festival featuring the best of new French film. Many films being screened premiere for the first time on the West Coast, or in the U.S., or in North America, at this festival. Tickets are inexpensive, and the crowd is always lovely.

To whet your appetite, here’s a clip from one of my favorite shorts screened at the festival. Not quite as funny without context (and without an entire theatre pealing in laughter), but you get the gist.

Continue reading