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Winter’s Bone (2010) Movie Review

I’m tempted to call Winter’s Bone a film without romance, but that wouldn’t quite be accurate. It is true that the film’s plot has little to do with relationships. There is no whimsy, little joy. The world of Winter’s Bone is stark, cold, and bleak. There is love, though–the deep love of family ties.


X-Men (2011)

As an avid Mad Men fan, I had always wondered if January Jones was a terrible actress or if she was just really, really good at playing a flat, shallow character with no emotions or believable personality.

Wonder no more, everyone. In the role of Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, Jones has proven her lack of acting skills, save her existence as a pretty, pretty princess with a fantastic figure.

In fact, January Jones‘s role in the film was reminiscent of the film itself: easy on the eyes and enjoyable to watch, but lacking depth or artistic vigor. Continue reading