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South Park “City Sushi” S15 E6 Review + Recap

Most South Park reviewers will fall into two camps regarding this episode. Either you love Butters, and love episodes focusing on Butters, or you don’t. This episode is a Butters episode.

That’s not to say Butters’s journey through an incorrect multiple personality diagnosis by a mentally deranged psychiatrist is the only storyline in “City Sushi.” As the title suggests, the episode also follows the travails of local City Wok owner and South Park’s only Asian, Lu Kim. A new Japanese restaurant, the aforementioned City Sushi, opens next door to Kim’s City Wok, causing Kim to scheme ways to destroy his new competition.

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Nikita “Pandora” S1 E22 Review + Recap

A lot of shockers in this season finale, but what I found most interesting was the character development for Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), and the changing nature of her relationship to Nikita (Maggie Q).

Now that the explosive finale has been shown,  it’s clear that Alex’s story arc over the season was a coming of age story. Alex has always been the stand-in for CW’s teenage audience to vicariously live through. Like most teens, she went to school, made friends and enemies there, underwent drastic changes, and finally, left the safety of her parental figures.

If I had to compare the finale to any other piece of media, it wouldn’t be a prior iteration of Nikita. The character of Alex is entirely new to the franchise. No, I see Alex’s development over the past few episodes, and especially in this episode, as similar to the eponymous character in Hanna.

As a coming of age story, the close of the episode was tragic, but left room for redemption and future maturity.

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Community “For A Few Paintballs More” S2 E24 Review + Recap

Amazing, as usual. My Community reviews probably sound a bit like a broken record. “This was a great episode!”  “Clever and witty, but with a sentimental heart.” “Hilarious!”

Well, it was. All of that. “For A Few Paintballs More” parodied one of the most-parodied film trilogies of our times. However, the Star Wars references didn’t overpower the story, jokes, or character development. Many shows can insert funny references. The brilliance of Community comes in the fact that you can completely miss all the pop culture references, and you’ll still have a good time watching.

While not as thematically or stylistically strong as last week’s episode, the season finale wrapped up the season and tied it with a neat bow. This episode followed where last week’s “A Fistful of Paintballs” ended. A huge paintball fight at school, with a prize of $100,000. The cliffhanger twist involved Stormtrooper-like professional paintballers streaming out of a van, set to invade the school.

Oh, and they kicked Pierce out of the group again.

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South Park “Royal Pudding” S15 E3 Review + Recap

This episode felt like early seasons South Park, and I mean that in an entirely complimentary manner. However, did I love this episode? In a word, no.

The episode as a whole ranks somewhere between mediocre and good, keeping in mind that “mediocre” for South Park is excellent for most other comedies. “Royal Pudding” certainly won’t go on any Top Episodes list, but the episode was a light, funny piece that both showed theSouth Park characters in their natural setting and also created an adventure satirizing a recent international event.

The episode satirized the international obsession with England’s royal wedding. However, there were elements of whimsy throughout, particularly with the menace of Tooth Decay. While the A-plot took us to a fictionalized (obviously) Canada replete with giants and monsters, the B-plot centered on a kindergarten play about dental hygiene.

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The Big Bang Theory “The Wildebeest Implementation” S4 E22 Review + Recap

This episode of The Big Bang Theory tried to squeeze too much story into too little time. However, “The Wildebeest Implementation” did utilize many of the recurring characters well.

The greatest fault with this episode is that it teases what so many of us critics and audience members have wanted: for Raj (Kunal Nayyar) to stop with the “can’t talk to women” bit. I understand that The Big Bang Theory has great ratings and doesn’t need to change its standard formula. However, high ratings can only last so long, if the show doesn’t rejuvenate itself every so often. The easiest “fix” for the show would be to clear up Raj’s speech issue and thus allow the character to interact normally with the rest of the cast.

Raj aside, the episode focused on one of my least favorite aspects of TBBT: the Will They Or Won’t They relationship between Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki).

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How I Met Your Mother “Landmarks” S6 E23 Review + Recap

It’s impossible to hate this episode, for one reason alone: Goodbye, Zoey.

The character of Zoey had such potential when we first met her. The blogosphere loves Jennifer Morrison, and it was fun to see someone push Ted’s buttons. However, Zoey quickly devolved into a whiny, selfish toddler who spent every episode asking Ted (Josh Radnor) to do things for her and then getting angry with him for unrelated matters. Boring.

Plus, once future Ted (Bob Saget) revealed in his voiceover that the relationship with Zoey had an expiration date, there was little need for the audience to invest in the perky blonde.

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30 Rock “Respawn” S5 E23 Review + Recap

In this episode of 30 Rock, we flash forward and seemingly skip summer break. Before breaking for summer. It’s a little odd for a season finale, but “a little odd” is 30 Rock‘s bread and butter.

In a dreary bit of continuity, Jack (Alec Baldwin)mourns the loss of Avery by transposing his feelings onto an unlikely replacement. (Is Avery really gone from 30 Rock forever? I hope not.) Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) celebrates a perfect summer vacation, which is ruined almost immediately. Jenna (Jane Krakowski) has to choose between being true to herself and her relationship, or being spokeswoman for Big Wool.

There is also a CGI sheep.

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